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With our team's experience, training and knowledge of financial products and services, our clients receive the top-quality, cost-effective financial guidance they deserve, designed to help them realize their financial goals.

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Aaron Lekarz

Protection/Wealth Management for Exceptional Clients

(443) 832-1937

Focusing on attorneys, corporate executives, medical professionals, athletes, and notable persons
Life does not always go according to plan. I know this from both the perspective of a financial consultant and also from my personal life. Determination, dedication and and a goal-oriented mentality can help achieve not only a person's goals (whether financial, physical, or educational), but can also assist others further down their own paths. Being blessed to have grown up in a family knowledgeable of the importance of ethics in international business, and having personally traveled much of the world to places from Switzerland to Indonesia, my primary focus in all things is to educate and guide others in my scope of influence move towards achieving their financial goals

When I was age of sixteen, I began working in grocery, and by eighteen I'd begun working as a journeyman butcher. Graduating Mt. St. Joseph's High School in 2000, I was awarded many scholarships and awards in the Math and Computer Science fields – including schools such as Carnegie Mellon (Andrew Carnegie Award), University of Maryland – College Park, UMBC, and Rennsalaer Polytechnic Institute (Rennsalaer Medal). Due to financial hardships and life necessity to work, I withdrew from college and focused solely on working. Over the next decade, I used my job to provide for myself and pay my way through post-secondary schooling. I strengthened my knowledge of mathematics, finance, and strategic problem solving – remaining active in my local community. Additionally, my knowledge allowed me to use my time and resources to help friends and acquaintances plan and organize their finances, showing them ways to lessen debt and accumulate wealth.

“In order to carry a positive action, we must develop here a positive vision.” -Dalai Lama